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workshop “Places of rural practice” par @atelierfanelsa du 15.06 au 18.06, à l'école supérieure d'architecture de Versailles, dans le cadre de la BAP!

J’ai animé le samedi 18 juin, le workshop food, accompagnée par mon amie artiste-boulangère Adèle Husson @pain_pon_ et la cueilleuse Titiane Haton @atelier.zaatar

This workshop focuses on rural areas as sites that create desirable ways of living, working and producing. Inhabitants of rural regions bring together site-specific knowledge and skills to manifest a deep awareness of the interconnection between the built environment and social networks. In this format we investigate the potential of rural areas in the fields of construction, fabric, and food. Each subject area is investigated in the form of a workshop, emphasising the role of practical making. Together with the students, the tutors will actively engage with the local environment and its aesthetic, material, and ecological qualities. With @niveauzeroatelier we investigate in construction site materials and quarry, with @a.guery we practice natural dying of indigo and with Eléonore Grignon we approach performance and food culture. The teaching format takes considers the wider area of Versailles and the Paris metropolitan area. In addition to learning practical craft techniques, the workshops investigate the relationship between the cultural landscape and the built environment, and the condition of todays society. Local cooperation partners help to ground the project into specific spatial and social context. Visits are planned, to collect materials, knowledges and stories around stones, dying plants and food. This collection will be assemble in the Architecture school of Versailles to develop narratives for new patterns of caring through collectively experiencing the rural condition and its potential for a new ecology of architecture practice.

15-18 JUIN 2022
école d’achitecture de Versailles et le Potager du Roi, Versailles